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Seven K Series | Sports Sunglasses | Red XVYSN Lens Black Frame

Includes: X-VYSN Lens | Black Polarized Lens | Clear Lens ——- 3 Lens included

Introducing the “Seven K Series” by SCVCN, designed for those who demand the best in outdoor eyewear. These sports sunglasses are engineered with precision to elevate your performance and style. Featuring a black frame complemented by red Xvysn lenses, they offer both functionality and fashion-forward design. The polarized lenses ensure optimal clarity and reduced glare, while the UV400 filter lenses provide comprehensive protection against harmful UV rays. Crafted with lightweight materials and equipped with rubber nose pads and non-slip temples, they offer comfort and stability during intense activities. With high-quality materials, waterproof lenses, ventilation holes, and impeccable finishing, the Seven K Series sets a new standard for multifunctional sport glasses.


Fit : Unisex | Frame per side Width: 67.5mm | Frame Height: 60mm | Bridge: 40mm | Overall Width: 135mm | Leg length : 125mm

Package includes: SCVCN Frame, XVYSN lens, Black Polarized Lens, Clear Lens, Microfiber Cloth, Eyeglass Case, SCVCN Pouch, Attachment Rope,Packaging Box



XVYSN High Contrast Ratio
Introducing the XVYSN lens – where brilliance meets precision. Elevate your visual experience with our cutting-edge lens technology that boasts an exceptional high contrast ratio. Witness the world in vivid detail, as this lens brings out the deepest blacks and the brightest whites, creating a visual symphony that is nothing short of spectacular. Whether you’re capturing the nuances of a breathtaking landscape or preserving the subtleties of a candid moment, the XVYSN lens ensures every frame is a masterpiece. Say goodbye to compromise and embrace a new era of clarity and richness in your visuals. See life in high definition with XVYSN – where contrast is not just a feature but an extraordinary journey into a world of unparalleled clarity.
XVYSN High Definition
Experience a new dimension of visual excellence with XVYSN High Definition lenses. Unleash the power of unrivaled clarity as every detail comes to life with stunning precision. Our advanced lens technology transforms your perspective, revealing a world of vibrant colors and razor-sharp contrasts. From capturing vibrant sunsets to preserving the subtleties of low-light scenes, XVYSN High Definition lenses redefine what’s possible in visual storytelling. Elevate your imagery and immerse yourself in a realm of uncompromising quality. Discover a sharper, clearer, and more vivid reality with XVYSN High Definition – where every moment is a masterpiece in the making.
XVYSN Optimized Lens effect
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