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Gryd Orbit | Screen Glasses | Saddle Brown

Blue Light Blocking Lens | UV400 Filter | Lightweight | Waterproof Lens

Introducing Gryd’s “Orbit” sunglasses in a stylish Brown Print pattern, seamlessly blending fashion and functionality. With a frame length of 140mm and a modern circle shape, these shades provide a comfortable fit and a touch of contemporary flair. Weighing only 20g, “Orbit” ensures a lightweight and comfortable experience. Elevate your eye protection with blue light blocking and UV400 filter lenses, perfect for reducing screen-induced eye strain and shielding against harmful UV rays. The waterproof lens design adds durability to the fashionable mix, making “Orbit” the ideal accessory for both style and eye care.


Fit : Unisex | Frame per side Width: 45mm | Frame Height: 41mm | Bridge: 17mm | Overall Width: 140mm | Leg length : 142mm



Package includes: Gryd Blue light blocking glasses, Microfiber Cloth, Eyeglass Case, Gryd Packaging Box



Blue Light Blocking
Step into the future of eyewear with GRYD’s cutting-edge Blue Light Blocking Glasses. Designed to combat the digital age strain, these glasses go beyond fashion, offering a shield for your eyes in the form of advanced lens technology. GRYD’s precision-crafted lenses act as a barrier against harmful blue light emitted from screens, reducing eye fatigue and promoting healthier vision. Whether you’re working, gaming, or scrolling, immerse yourself in a world of visual comfort and protection. Elevate your style while safeguarding your eyes – GRYD is your gateway to a brighter, clearer, and more comfortable digital experience.
Waterproof Lens
Dive into unmatched durability with GRYD’s Waterproof Lens technology, setting our eyeglasses apart from the rest. Unlike cheaper alternatives, where the coatings may wash away, our premium eyewear ensures that the essential blue light blocking features remain steadfast even when exposed to water. Immerse yourself in confidence, knowing that the protective shield against digital strain and harmful rays isn’t compromised by the elements. GRYD’s commitment to quality shines through, making every splash, raindrop, or accidental spill a testament to the enduring effectiveness of our eyeglasses. Elevate your vision with GRYD – where innovation meets resilience. Note: Coatings may wear off if exposed to Harsh Chemical Liquids.
UV400 Filter
Unlock the power of pristine vision with GRYD’s UV400 Filter Eyeglasses. Engineered for those who prioritize eye protection, these glasses are your shield against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. GRYD’s state-of-the-art UV400 filter lenses provide comprehensive defense, blocking UVA and UVB rays. Whether you’re basking in the sun or navigating a cityscape, these eyeglasses ensure that your eyes stay shielded from potential damage. Elevate your style while prioritizing eye health – GRYD is your partner in embracing the world with clarity, confidence, and the ultimate UV protection. Step out and see the world through GRYD’s lens, where style meets safeguarding.